What is the Vegas Mob Tour

The Vegas Mob Tour is a guided tour to location of interest pertaining to Mafia history.  You will travel in a vehicle equipped with video screens that accompany the tour by displaying video clips and photos. You exit the vehicle twice during the tour, one stop has minimal walking. The tour is concluded with an opportunity to ask questions and learn more information.

How long does it last?

Start times at 10:00am, 12:30pm, or 3:00pm and lasts approximately 135 minutes

Can children attend the Vegas Mob Tour?

Minors 16 years and older are permitted to attend with adult accompaniment.

Can I take photos?

Yes, we encourage photo taking

Is there any walking involved?

Yes, we do exit the vehicles at 2 locations. 1 requires walking about 1 city block with a few stairs.

Are we equipped for the handicapped?

No, unfortunately not at this time.

Do we offer group rates?

Yes, on groups of 8 or more. Please contact our office at 866-218-4935.